The production plants are often so complex that a failure of individual components , may cause the arrest of all production . The removal and transport of components that are often large , involving much loss of time and great expense. To ensure optimum production development from the point of view, our trained technical staff, performs repair and machining , so mobile and on-site production.

Thanks to the constant development of our new portable machine tools , both conventional as well as numerical control CNC controlled , we use in repair work or upgrade their production facilities can reduce failures continuous production . Based on our efficient logistics, we do not require more than short periods of preparation in our workshop, for all kinds of machining , of talmanera , that allows us to perform the required work for you in a short time , optimizing the time and its production plant .

Take advantage of our many years of qualified experience in machining works , made ​​in plants, either in the place of its facilities or those of its customers.

Turning to reface work
The flat surfaces to be stopped and thus cause leakage faults , such as in front of flanges, or damage slewing rings are machined in place for lathing with mobile devices . This will reestablish the original requirements required for setting tolerances .

Drilling work
Series of axial holes for bearing races , drilled, turbine bodies , threads , etc. . are machined in place by mobile drilling and turning, to restore the required adjustment tolerances .

Milling work
Presses, roller brackets rolling bodies turbine machine bases , etc. . already failed to comply with the technical requirements originals can be machined at its installation site, by moving the milling units . This will reestablish the adjustment tolerances originally required .

Machining of axles and axle tips
Trunnion bearing , crankshaft ends , axles, etc. . are machined and are ground installation in place by turning mobile devices , to restore the originally required adjustment tolerances .

Grinding work
Rings rolling rotary kilns , continuous rolls of paper machines , or large-diameter cylinders , etc. . that no longer meet the original geometric dimensions can be machined and ground , through our mobile devices , so that they fulfill the required fit tolerances originally .

Sawing work with saws and bandsaws mobile continuous diamond tipped
The machining of large sections often requires long times. For this, Masterlock offers different types of saws for machining work . The positive aspect is that it can cut large chunks of sections , saving time without heat dissipation.

Measurement work
Many times , it is unclear whether the damage was caused by a machine fault dimensional geometrical. Masterlock offers a wide range of measuring devices , to use before, during and after machining. Among others, have laser and optical equipment for measuring bearing races drilled axially in series (for example, crankshaft bearing housings ) and measure dimensions on surfaces.


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